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Stanford history professor tracks big tobacco

Incorporating history into public health Dr. Robert Proctor, professor at Stanford and author of Golden Holocaust, has been using history’s lessons for many years to further public health. Golden Holocaust highlights the tobacco industry’s creation and manipulation of the cigarette to make

Minnesota taking a harder look at raising the sales age

Local movement spurs more interest Since Edina, MN passed their sales age increase back in May, there has been an uprising interest around the state. We have seen MLSA policies spread similarly to this in many states, Massachusetts, Kansas, and

With Governor’s signature, Oregon becomes 5th state to raise sales age

Oregon joins HI, CA, NJ, & ME This week, Governor Kate Brown signed SB 754 into law. In a surprise move, Oregon went from being poised as the 3rd state to raise the age to the 5th, behind New Jersey and Maine.

Maine raises the sales age; overrides Gov. LePage

Another state success! Last week, the legislature of Maine upheld their vote to increase the tobacco sales age to 21. The legislature carried on their longest law-making session of 9 months, overriding Governor LePage’s veto in the process. The override

Governor Christie signs T21 bill into law

New Jersey is the 4th state in the nation to raise age! Today, Governor Chris Christie signed  S-359/A-2320, which raises the sales age for all tobacco products to 21. Governor Christie referenced the law’s ability to prevent youth tobacco use and

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San Antonio, Texas is one of the first major cities in the state to start talking about adopting #T21. ... See MoreSee Less

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You can enlist in the military and die for your country at 18 but this city feels they have the right to decide whether you're mature enough or grown up enough to decide if you want to buy a pack of smokes? Fucking ridiculous! This ain't Dallas or Houston, vote out every fucking Liberal politician in this city! Enough of this bullshit already.

Okay fine, those with a military ID 18 to 21can continue to buy cigarettes. okay now?


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Lake County officials officially passed #T21 last night and will go into effect on January 1, 2018.

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Lake County officials officially passed #T21 last night and will go into effect on January 1, 2018. 

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