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Maine raises the sales age; overrides Gov. LePage

Another state success! Last week, the legislature of Maine upheld their vote to increase the tobacco sales age to 21. The legislature carried on their longest law-making session of 9 months, overriding Governor LePage’s veto in the process. The override

Governor Christie signs T21 bill into law

New Jersey is the 4th state in the nation to raise age! Today, Governor Chris Christie signed  S-359/A-2320, which raises the sales age for all tobacco products to 21. Governor Christie referenced the law’s ability to prevent youth tobacco use and

Oregon set to pass T21; spreads message nation-wide

Congratulations to Oregon! Oregon is set to become the third state in the nation to increase the Minimum Legal Sales Age (MLSA). The policy will cover over 4 million Oregonians and help to protect youth from nicotine addiction, leading to less tobacco-related

San Francisco moves to protect kids

Setting the new bar. The City of San Francisco has long been known as a progressive environment, as well as an ally to tobacco control and advocacy. Recently, the Board of Supervisors moved to again protect San Franciscans from tobacco use

Commissioner Meieran acts as OR state legislature stalls

While the Oregon state legislature fails to act, one county commissioner takes a stand Efforts to increase the Minimum Legal Sales Age have been in the works for more than two years now in Oregon. While localities are able to