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Lane County, OR passes the state’s first Tobacco 21 Ordinance

Lane County, the home of the University of Oregon, became the first city in Oregon to pass a tobacco 21 ordinance. The ordinance covers all areas in the county, both incorporated and unincorporated, as an act of the Board of

Guam’s Outlook for Passing T21 Law in 2017 Brighter

Guam’s Speaker of the Legislature, Senator Ben Cruz, has been a supporter of tobacco 21 in Guam for the past three years. His work shows dedication to protecting the youth in Guam from the dangers of tobacco use. In 2016,

Texas is Optimistic About Tobacco 21

Tobacco 21 seems to have more momentum moving into the 2017 Legislative Session in Texas than in years past. Bi-partisan support seems to point toward a brighter future for a minimum legal sales age increase. The bill has two main

Tobacco 21 Support in Montana

A Montana Newspaper has weighed in on raising the minimum legal sales age (MLSA) to 21. The author, Maia Dickerson, is a Tobacco Prevention Specialist at RiverStone Health in Billings, MT. Her experience and immersion in tobacco prevention makes her

Florida Youth Advocates on the Track for Success in Flagler County

Three Flagler County teens, as part of Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT), are seeing progress in their effort to raise the age in Florida. Daniel Thomas, Kamrin Bunn, and Bella Giuliano have been working on raising the age since November