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Poll: Utahns Support Raising the Legal Age to Buy Tobacco –

Jones in his latest UtahPolicy survey finds that 74 percent of adults favor raising the legal smoking age to 21 years old, 23 percent opposed the move, and 3 percent didn’t know…

Most Kentuckians Support Raising Age To Buy Tobacco, Poll Says – NPR Kentucky

Raising the age limit to 21 also appears to be politically agreeable. The poll shows 60 percent of Republicans and Democrats support raising the age, followed by 55 percent of independents…

Elway Poll: Two-thirds of Washingtonians support raising tobacco sale age to 21 – Washington Attorney General

This result shows clear public support for Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s proposal to raise the legal age to purchase tobacco and vapor products to 21…

POLL: Voters say raise age to 21 to buy tobacco – MBQF Consulting

Of the 584 respondents to a poll conducted Dec. 29 by MBQF Consulting and Marson Media, 72 percent said they support increasing the age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21…

California, Age 21 for Nicotine/Tobacco: A Near-Term Fiscal Analysis Based on the Projected Reductions in Low Birth Weight and Premature Births.

In the first five years of this policy, health care cost savings solely from preventing prematurity and low birth weight exceeds $102,000,000 of which $82,000,000 is Medi-Cal Savings, which easily surpasses the tobacco tax revenue loss of $74,000,000…

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Lincolnshire, Illinois raises the age
Last week, Lincolnshire, Illinois trustees decided unanimously to adopt #T21! They are one of many communities around Chicago to continue the city's lead in raising the age, which the city passed in 2016.
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Yahoo for Lincolnshire, Illinois for raising their smoking age to 21 !