Tobacco Retail Licensing In Ohio

A Policy Toolkit To Help Ohio Localities Protect Their Communities

In partnership with Interact for Health, the Preventing Tobacco Addiction Foundation created a Tobacco Retail License policy toolkit to provide resources that highlight the opportunities and best practice methods that exist under Ohio statute. Below you will find resources to help in your local efforts to create a more robust and comprehensive system through the adoption of a local Tobacco Retailer Licensing Program.

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Tobacco Retail Licensing (TRL) has become an essential tool in both protecting kids from irresponsible or unscrupulous retailers, and in leveling the playing field for those retailers who do abide by the rules.

Tobacco Impact


Tobacco products kill more than half a million Americans annually.


3.6 million middle-school and high-school kids use e-cigarettes (vape).


Adolescent vaping quadruples the risk of becoming a long-term smoker.

What Is TRL?

Why TRL?

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