Preventing Tobacco Addiction Foundation

Established in 1996 the Preventing Tobacco Addiction Foundation strives to reduce the terrible toll of smoking and tobacco use through a preventive effort. The belief that tobacco use is a voluntary risk continually undertaken by smokers themselves is belied by the fact that virtually all nicotine use begins in adolescence when experimentation and risk-taking are part and parcel of normal development.

That early exposure permanently alters neuro-receptors in the deepest, most ancient parts of the brain that then manifests as ongoing desire or addiction.  Preventing that early inoculation requires a concerted societal and political strategy including school-based education, reduced media exposure, counter-marketing, tobacco and smoke free homes and public areas and youth access restrictions.  We vigorously support all of those efforts in addition to our focus on raising the legal minimum sales age to 21. PTAF works nationwide to advance strong tobacco control legislation that prevents youth initiation and addiction to tobacco and nicotine.

Mission: To reduce the health and economic impact of tobacco use and nicotine addiction through education, advocacy, and policy change. 

Vision: A world without nicotine addiction and tobacco use.


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