Minnesota gaining more traction with local movement

Local Support

Tobacco 21 is gaining traction in Minnesota. With the passing of Tobacco 21 in Edina, Duluth is feeling the pressure on their reputation. Duluth, Minnesota has long been a leader in tobacco control efforts in the state. Because of Edina’s success, the Duluth News Tribune’s Editorial Board has urged the city and state to pursue expanded efforts for Tobacco 21. Drawing even more local support into the movement in Minnesota.

The Numbers

ClearWay Minnesota is paving the way for Tobacco 21 in the state. Last winter, ClearWay published a study in Minnesota Medicine showing that T21 could reduce youth initiation by 25%. Active public health organizations such as ClearWay set a great example for other states looking to protect the health of their youth.

The op-ed also looks at the costs of tobacco use among all Minnesota residents; $554 a year for everyone in the state.

Moving Forward

Local action creates results; congratulations again to Edina. We are sure their hard work and results will continue to protect young Minnesotans from tobacco use. With continued local efforts, Minnesota has a path to success in implementing Tobacco 21 statewide!

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