Even before they surveyed hundreds of residents on the issue, high-schoolers Mitchell van der Noll and Aiden Williams knew e-cigarettes was a growing problem among teenagers in town.

The high school seniors, who distributed the survey as interns with Town Hall this spring, said the number of students using the devices has “exploded” over the last year or two.

Students can be found smoking e-cigarettes in the high school bathrooms, in the parking lots, at parties outside of school and most recently, at the middle schools, they said. Most use the newest device, a Juul vape pen.

“It kind of came out of nowhere,” Williams said. “You can see anyone from any social group using them at kind of any time. If you go into the bathroom at the high school there’s probably a greater than 50 percent chance you would find someone (smoking).”

The survey, distributed on a community Facebook page, revealed that Ridgefielders are taking notice. More than 39 percent of the 240 people surveyed said e-cigarettes surpass alcohol, heroin, marijuana and cocaine as the “most relevant substance abuse problem in our community today.”

About 97 percent said they have heard of the “widespread usage amongst teenagers” and almost 91 percent that they knew about high schoolers vaping in bathrooms during school.

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July 4, 2018

2 days ago


Massachusetts now only needs the signature of Governor Charlie Baker to pass T21 statewide.

Read more --> bit.ly/MassachusettsT21
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Massachusetts now only needs the signature of Governor Charlie Baker to pass T21 statewide.

Read more --> http://bit.ly/MassachusettsT21


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More freedoms being restricted, awesome. #ILoveAmerica

Waste of effort, I’ve seen teens out in front of high school smoking yards away from local police who did nothing , at the same time we fine a shop owner for selling to minors , crazy

This isn't going to prevent a thing.

That's total B.S.. They want too do that, they better raise the age for signing up for the draft too!!!!!! "F" these politicians that seem to know better.

18 year olds. Old enough to fight in a war, join a police academy, get into professional drag racing, learn to fly a private plane, or even be an EMT. But buying alcohol or cigarettes? Not if Big Brother has anything to say about it.

Got to vote these people out, term limits, don't vote them.back

If you want this you are the problem with this country

Sadly, it is a Freedom to burn your lungs with tobacco smoke.

21 smoking age statewide would be a great thing for Massachusetts. This will save lives in the long run. Yahoo !

What a joke ,,more laws


Didn't we already do this?

Stupid government

Yes it does Epie Heim.

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5 days ago


The Kent City Council in Ohio approved T21!

Read more --> bit.ly/KentT21
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The Kent City Council in Ohio approved T21!

Read more --> http://bit.ly/KentT21


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Whatever happened to living in America, a free nation based upon the tenet of "Do as thou wilt, but bring harm to none (other)"? When was it that a Constitutional Republic could be utilized to limit the rights of the individual? I am anti-tobacco, but I am pro-choice and pro-freedom.

T21 laws combine with STEEP & IMMEDIATE increases in tobacco taxes for a tobacco-free generation. #BeTheFirst medium.com/@TobaccoFreeSC/how-a-tobacco-tax-increase-can-save-s-c-billions-by-snuffing-out-new-sm... By a unanimous vote: www.fox9.com/news/shoreview-city-council-votes-to-raise-age-to-buy-tobacco-to-21 www.silive.com/news/2018/06/minimum_price_for_a_pack_of_ci.html#incart_2box_silive-homepage-featured Teenagers, aka children, on allowances and twentysomethings in entry level jobs are easily priced 💵 out of the tobacco market, and by the time their salaries increase later in life they are past the age when 95% of nicotine substance abusers start 🚬 smoking. Teen smoking is furnished by both illegal sales of tobacco to minors and tobacco supplied to minors by older friends, therefore, raising the purchase-use-possess tobacco age to 21 puts the sources outside the circle of friends of high school kids. juneauempire.com/local/2015-02-03/juneau-assembly-approves-big-hike-local-tobacco-taxes-e-cigaret... T21 helps cut the supply of cigarettes to underage smokers: '95 percent of adult smokers started smoking before age 21. Tajh, 19, is not surprised to hear that. He said he often gets asked by his underage peers to buy them cigarettes, and it gives him chills everytime. He became slightly emotional when talking about how one of his friends approached him with that request. "Eventually, I did tell him, 'No,' " Tajh said. "But the mere fact that he asked me -- it's hard." Kyleel Iniguez said it is crucial that more teenagers speak loudly and publicly on this issue, because public information campaigns ...are not as personal and influential as peers.' www.spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/hudson-valley/news/2018/06/07/two-teen-brothers-campaign-against-un... www.wecard.org Juul Labs announced support for raising the legal age to buy tobacco products to 21. www.fool.com/investing/2018/05/12/the-fda-cracks-down-on-a-leading-e-cig-maker.aspx

So basically we are telling adults how to live there lives that they can be drafted into warbut you can buy a pack of cigs good job America

I like how at 18 people can join the military, go thousands of dollars in debt in school, be in a pornographic movie, pay taxes, go to jail, yet we say they can't buy alcohol or cigarettes? C'mon now, either we need to make everything 18, or everything 21.

Ridiculous. Gotta be 18 to own your own vehicle, own a house, join the military, and vote etc. But 21 to choose to buy cigarettes?! Seriously?

So go to the next town, and buy your cigarettes at 18, and there is nothing Kent can do about it.

When do we raise the military service age to twenty-one?

Good now work on alcohol to 30 .

Awesome! Bring it on !

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